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A traditional performing art from eastern India - the patachitra tradition is an integral part of intangible heritage and is an important essence of folk and traditional media. Through centuries - the patachitra has been a platform where several methods of communication has converged - visual messages, oral traditions and music- all of which helped to amalgamate, involve and portray nature, society and culture co-existing through a lucid dialogue. Thus, these paintings - on one hand portrayed society and its ideations like simple photographs down the ages. On the other hand, they also helped to preserve valuable information about social transformations, stories of migrations and details of socio-political and religious reflections as well - all of which helps to form the framework of an important section of the history of the masses - which often goes uncharted. Thus, patachitra forms an important and integral part of traditional and folk media from India - especially represented through the Indian states of West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and Jharkhand.

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